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Blink's Saturday workshops are designed to support educators who are striving to engage the cultures and diversities of their schools to create more inclusive communities where each and every person can thrive.

In all Blink workshops, the medium is the message: sessions model guiding questions, techniques and tools that participants can implement in their own classroom, office and community work.

** Upcoming Workshops **

All Blink workshops and conferences offer guiding questions and critical issues to consider; occasion for reflection and dialogue; research-based frameworks and effective practices for discerning action; "what would you do" scenarios practice, "try tomorrow" (Pollock, 2008) language and tools; exemplars and resources; and the opportunity to build your professional learning community.
"Important achievements require a clear focus, all-out effort, and a bottomless trunk full of strategies. Plus allies in learning." – Carol Dweck
In 2019-20, Blink Consulting is offering professional growth for leadership to advance their communities' capacity, accountability and impact for the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to which they aspire:

Assessing DEI: Why, what and how on Saturday, 9/28/19 from 8am-12pm at The Bay School of San Francisco, in San Francisco, CA. Register for Assessing DEI.

Leaders of color professional learning community in 2019-20, co-facilitated with Steve Morris, Head, The San Francisco School (dates and registration available through CATDC)

DEI for Governance: What to do now, and next on Saturday 12.14.19 from 8am-12pm at The Berkeley School in Berkeley, CA. Register for DEI for Governance.

The Class Conference with Mark Mitchell (NAIS) and Tesha Poe (Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula) on Saturday-Sunday March 21-22, 2020 from 8am-3:30pm at Marin Country Day School in Corte Madera, CA. Register for The Class Conference.

The Antidote
Blink is also excited to partner with Jennifer McClanahan-Flint, Executive Coach and Founder of Leverage to Lead, to facilitate The Antidote, a retreat for women of color in San Rafael, CA, this October 22-25, 2019.

DEI to Advance Advancement
Date TBD at The Berkeley School in Berkeley

** Ongoing Workshops **

Measuring equity and inclusion: Assessment and accountability for advancement
Location and date: Your campus, date TBD

The work of equity and inclusion is never done-but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't hold ourselves accountable for advancing our practices, impacts and outcomes. This working conversation is an opportunity for educators to learn about assessment tools and processes-including institutional dashboards, program inventories and community climate assessments-that schools can create and implement, in order to understand how you're doing in enacting your core values. Participants will explore the purpose, opportunities and responsibilities of assessing equity and inclusion; identify effective frameworks, practices and processes for assessment; consider existing tools and models (and how to discern relevance, fit, useful takeaways and applications); and engage in dialogue with peers from other schools doing or beginning this work.

This workshop is for preK-adulthood educators, including administrators, faculty, staff, trustees and parent/guardian leaders, who are committed to and/or responsible for ensuring and advancing equity and inclusion in their schools.

  • Clarity about equity and inclusion, and what quantitative and qualitative assessment of E&I comprises
  • Frameworks, strategies, tools and language for advancing equity and inclusion assessment
  • Models, effective practices and resources from other schools and organizations
To register, please contact:

Equity and inclusion in hiring: A leadership conversation
Location and date: Your campus, date TBD

This workshop includes Foundations for equity and inclusion in hiring (a workshop designed to support the professional growth and practice of any individuals who participate in hiring processes) with two additional leadership components: facilitating equitable, inclusive discussion and discernment with your hiring teams; and designing rubrics and processes that are grounded in cultural competency practice.

This leadership workshop may include:
  • Diversity versus merit: A false dichotomy
    • Understanding the business case for diversity in hiring: Diversity for merit
    • Addressing the myth that hiring used to be merit-based (i.e. fair), and now "it's easier to get a job if you're a person of color (even if you're not qualified)" - Unconscious bias in how we perceive candidates' qualifications and "fit"
    • How we see candidates
    • How candidates present themselves
    • How we talk about candidates because of hiring culture (process, tools and language) and hiring team dynamics
  • What to say when...
    • Scenarios in leading hiring teams
  • It goes both ways: The need for a culturally competent hiring rubric and process while you're trying to hire for cultural competency
Blink recommends 3-4 hrs for the first part of this working conversation, with a follow-on workshop (1.5-2 hrs) scheduled to revisit frameworks and tools, and focus on current/additional hiring challenges and growth.

Note: This workshop will not produce a ready-to-use hiring rubric and process. Following the workshop, Blink can advise on developing these tools (for which Blink would need additional information about current hiring tools and practices, as well as the existing cultural competency foundation).

Blink strongly recommends developing and piloting cultural competency-grounded hiring tools internally (that is, with a vitally diverse working group of internal stakeholders that may be externally facilitated), in order to:
  • Create instruments that reflect school culture;
  • Provide relevant, applicable professional growth in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), that will deepen the team's language, practice and application of DEI values; and
  • Create an internal team who owns these tools, and can explain, model and train colleagues.
To register, please contact:

More Than a Pizza Lunch
Location and date: Your campus, date TBD

This workshop is for student leaders and adult sponsors who want to focus on organizational vision and planning.

Feel like you're preaching to the choir? Tired of inspiring conversations going nowhere? Frustrated because pizza lunches aren't your idea of making a difference? This two-hour visioning and action planning workshop is for student identity/social justice group leaders and adult sponsors who want to more fully realize the intention and possibilities of their organizations. Through an aspirational and practical discussion of student organizations as individually-driven and institutionally-critical forum for youth voice and action, students and sponsors will identify organizational goals, assets, challenges and actionable plans to realize the groups they want to become — including getting the most out of those pizza lunches! In this workshop, the medium is also the message: Alison and Sara will model inclusive facilitation skills and tools that students and sponsors can use in their own leadership practices.

To register, please contact:

Inclusive Facilitation (formerly Facilitating for Social Justice)
Location and date: Your campus, date TBD

Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi understood that we cannot strive toward social justice without practicing it. The challenge for educators is not just to lead, but to lead inclusively and equitably, facilitating others to their best thinking and action. With social justice as both the vision and the practice, educators will:
  • integrate core social justice values into everyday leadership and facilitation;
  • identify the voices and perspectives that feel more or less welcome in the groups they lead;
  • explore how to transform the challenges and hurdles that include some and exclude others;
  • reflect on their own identities, perspectives and privileges as leaders; and
  • learn facilitation tools to include more voices and practice -- not just strive for -- equity.
This workshop is for faculty, administrators, staff, trustees and parents who facilitate groups and want to deepen their everyday practice of inclusion and equity.

Intended outcomes:
  • Practical understanding of facilitation as a tool for social justice
  • Frameworks for understanding dynamics of diverse groups
  • Tools for facilitating for inclusion and equity
To register, please contact:

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