cheap air jordans wholesale Blink Consulting: Critically Rethinking Diversity Heelys

Blink Consulting
Blink Workshops:

  • Assessing DEI: Why, what and how
  • DEI for Governance: What to do now, and next
  • The Class Conference

Blink Consulting
Blink Consulting collaborates with schools to critically and compassionately rethink diversity. Created by educators for educators, Blink helps schools define the purpose, practice and outcomes of their diversity initiatives by offering a fresh lens and practical tools for schoolwide revision.

At the heart of this work is understanding school culture and reframing multiculturalism as an inclusive process for the benefit of all students, staff and families. Blink believes that transformative work begins with language and intention: what do we mean when we talk about equity and inclusion, and what are we committed to achieving? Once we understand our own values and lenses, then we can begin to authentically impact the practices and daily life of our schools.
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