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Blink Consulting

Blink Educational Diversity Consulting was founded on the premise that private schools struggle to create inclusive communities because they overlook themselves as part of the multicultural landscape. Blink proposes that only when schools act through an awareness of themselves as cultural institutions can they begin the work of authentic inclusion.

Created by educators for educators, Blink designs and delivers tailored, comprehensive support that includes leadership training, coaching and consulting. Working with students, faculty, administration, staff and families, Blink has helped over 50 schools and other organizations to critically rethink the purpose, practice and outcomes of their diversity initiatives by offering a fresh lens and practical tools for school-wide revision.

Alison Park hails from Philadelphia and is a graduate of Yale University, where she received a B.A. in African Studies. She went on to study at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she earned her first Ed.M. in Risk & Prevention and a second in Learning & Teaching with a focus on curriculum design. She has taught English for thirteen years in middle and high school, in both public and independent institutions. Most recently, she taught grades 9-12 at Marin Academy and 7-8 at the Head-Royce School.

In addition to actively serving on various in-school diversity councils and taskforces at Marin Academy, Alison co-founded and led Folks, an affinity group for students, parents and faculty/administration/staff of color, created to identify and address the intersections of race and schooling. Alison has also designed and facilitated student and adult workshops on diversity and inclusion, and presented at both the NAIS People of Color Conference, the California Association of Independent Schools’ Northern Regional Conference and the Asian Educators Alliance. She currently consults, writes and serves on the advisory board of the Mosaic Project.
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